“Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.” (Genesis 9:3)
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Best Raw juice in Hong Kong - FAQ
What is Cold pressed juice?
Cold-Press, more professionally known as Low Temperature Pressure Processing, is the next-generation manufacturing process equipped to maximally preserve nutrients from the natural ingredients. Packing punches of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, cold-pressed juice is the easiest approach to your 5-a-day.
What is Juice Cleanse?
It is a dietary program which fully utilize the benefit of fasting and juicing to refresh your body function.

Adequate fasting can renew the white blood cells of your immune system, and then our cleansing juice will flush out the toxins and nourish your body at the same time.

Your body is now ready for a new day of challenge with the best juice detox cleanse in Hong Kong!
What’s so special about Bless Juice?
As the best juice cleanse in Hong Kong, our juice is so much more than just a bottle of compressed natural glory. Every single formula of our juices is carefully designed to both taste and function with brilliance.
Why are your juices priced at such a premium?
That is because every ingredient of ours are sourced from quality providers.

Also, every formulas of ours are fine-tuned by our R&D team to give the best best juice cleanse experience in HK. So you are not paying for just a bottle of juice, but a sensational treat.
What are raw ingredients and where are they sourced?
Raw ingredients are natural and unprocessed foods sourced straight from harvest. We choose using raw ingredients to avoid artificial manipulation which tends to alter the natural balance of nutrients, so your juices can taste in the way they’re meant to be.

Everything ingredient of ours are sourced from quality international sources.
How long can the cold pressed juice last and how should I store them?
All our juices are freshly pressed daily when sunlight bathe over the land.

Due to their raw nature, please keep them chilled between 0-4°C and kindly consume them within 3 days post-delivery.
Why do the juice split?
Don’t worry, our juices are 100% raw and unpasteurized, so it is natural to see a two-tone juice. Just give it a light shake and enjoy!
What are the benefits of juicing?
Our R&D team have designed our juice line-up to cover a vast array of functions, from detoxification to anti-oxidation. For specific function of our individual raw juice in HK, please kindly consult our interactive engine here.
Will I get too much ‘natural’ sugar from the juice?
All our Cleanse programs are designed to cover the basic caloric requirement of an average adult, which is essential for one’s brain function.

If you’d like to avoid as much sugar as possible, why not treat yourself with our advanced Cleanse program?
Can I warm up the juice for a morning beverage?
Please do not directly heat up the juice as it will destroy the temperature sensitive vitamins in the juice, e.g. vitamin C.

All our juices are designed to taste perfect while chilled, heating up the juice might change the way it tastes and you can’t enjoy its full glory!
I don’t like the taste of the juices, can I add any sweeteners to the juices?
It’s not recommended to add anything artificial to your juices, but alternatives like agave nectar, fresh apple or pineapple juice are allowed.

You are also very welcome to contact our nutritionists and they can customize the cleanse formulas to better suit your taste!
Do you cater for events or business meetings?
Yes, we take part in catering, events and weddings, whatever it suits you.
What is going on in my body during the cleanse?
There are two simultaneous process in the cleanse program.

It is highly recommended to fast during the clean period, as by doing so your white blood cells are refreshed by the immune system. On the other hand, cleanse juice will flush out the toxins from the body and replenish it with natural nutrients.
There are a few juices in my Cleanse, is there an order for me to drink them?
Thanks to our nutritionist, we have made things easier for you.
Just enjoy your juices according to the numbers labeled on top of the lid.
Will I feel uncomfortable whilst doing the Cleanse? What are the detox symptoms?
It entirely depends on your toxin levels. In general the more toxin there is in your system, the more likely you will feel unwell during the Cleanse but the more refreshed you will feel after the Cleanse!

Everyone reacts differently to Cleanse, possible symptoms include headache, lethargy, irritability, weakness, nausea, craving, diarrhea, constipation, gas, dry mouth, runny nose.
When and how often can I do cleanse?
We recommend a Cleanse scheduled every 4-6 weeks, but you are more than welcome to come to us whenever you feel like giving yourself a fresh start.
I am a beginner to the idea of Cleansing, can I choose the Advanced Cleanse program?
We salute your dedication!

Our Cleanse programs are designed to suit everyone, regardless of their previous experience. But since this will be your first, we would suggest giving us a call so we can design the Cleanse course which best suits you.
Can I do exercise to boost the effectiveness of the Cleanse?
By all means. Moderate exercises can boost circulation and assist in detoxifying process. However, we would recommend against extreme sports involving heavy cardiac load due to the low-caloric nature of our juices.
How much weight will I lose? Will I gain my weight back?
Based on the individual, weight loss during Cleanse can be variously obvious as a result of the Cleanse. However, adequate exercise and a balanced diet is still recommended for the maintenance of body weight.
Am I allowed to eat or drink anything else during the cleanse? Will I feel hungry?
Although our Cleanse programs cover the daily caloric requirement of an average adult, we perfectly get the temptation of that delicious crème brulee.

If in any case you find it essential to take solid food during the Cleanse, we would recommend keeping it raw and green, to avoid as much toxin intake as possible.
Can I still take my supplements during the Cleanse?
Our Cleanse programs contain essential nutrients of an average adult, and thus please consult our nutritionist if you are taking supplements based on medical requirements.
Can I smoke or drink during cleanse?
We recommend staying away from alcohol and cigarette for 2-3 days prior to, or during Cleanse.

Since your primary goal to Cleanse is to live a healthy life, then why not quit smoking all together and embrace the fresh air which follows?
Will I get enough energy, nutrients, protein and calories then? Will it slow my metabolism?
Our Cleanse programs are carefully designed by our in-house nutritionist to cover the daily requirement of our customers based on their metabolic, mineral and vitamins needs.

If you have any concerns about the nutritional value of our Cleanse, please do not hesitate to contact our experts!
What should I do before, during and after Cleanse?
Before: 3 days before beginning Cleanse, please base your diet on mainly vegetables and fruits. Avoid meat, alcohol, caffeine and junk food.

During: only water and cold pressed juice should be consumed. In the morning, drink a glass of water before drinking your Cleanse juice.

After: please gradually return to your eating habit but try to eat healthy!